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Hello there! I’m Tom. I am a CEO here. Let me explain what is going on, why our WP Served Team is now BOLD_, and what changes for us and our dear Clients.

Simply speaking, everything we did for the past five years we did as WP Served brand. Before the WP Served brand was established we were known as Everest Media digital agency for more than five years. The company itself was founded in 2009 and if you are our Client or Employee you know, that formally we put all our brands, projects, and products under one umbrella called Indeon.

WP Served is our brand 100% focused on delivering WordPress development services. But we actually do way more than WordPress development so the “WP Served” brand is very limiting and doesn’t give all the justice to our experience and areas of expertise.

That is why in mid-2018 we realized that we need to figure out how to communicate to the world what we are really capable of, what we actually do, and who we really are.

We are Bold.

We are this experienced team of hard-working nerds. Friendly, problem solving, and optimistic people. Our goal is to offer intelligent solutions to your problems. No matter the platform or programming language.

What does that mean?

We are not focused on only a certain technology, platform, or framework. Instead, we are searching for the optimal way to deliver the expected results, we are smart, focused on quality, and delivering on time.

We combine our experience, technical expertise, and passion to provide great results to our Clients but still, get as much fun and self-development as possible for ourselves.

Ok. But what does that really mean?

  • Not much will change actually. Still the same great people and the same way of working.
  • BTW we are hiring! Currently our team counts 17 people but we plan to double that number soon. Join us!
  • WP Served will become our brand focused on WordPress products and “productized” services.
  • Pssst… check our first product Neura.pro that is right around the corner while I’m writing this post.
  • Our dev team and software development services are separated as Bold brand from now on.

AAAANNNND that’s it. It’s simple. At least for now. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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